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    1. Collapsible Water Bottle - 17 oz. Perfect For Travel And The Dive Boat

      Jul 07, 17 01:32 PM

      Our very own collapsible water bottle. Lightweight and made of silicone, it is perfect for travel, hiking, etc. It is also a great scuba gift idea for both the plane and the boat.

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    2. Scuba Diving T Shirts For Men And Women - Great Gifts For The Diver In Your Life

      May 20, 17 04:49 PM

      Our original scuba diving t shirts for both males and females. We have funny tee shirts too. Show your love of diving to the world.

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    3. Whalesharks, Sealions And Grey Whales In Mexico!

      May 18, 17 02:28 PM

      I know I have been quiet lately but I was busy in Mexico :). In all seriousness, we spent the winter in Mexico - but the beginning of that time period involved a visit to the dentist. This was my seco…

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    4. Scuba Gifts For Women - Buy The Perfect Present For The Female Diver

      Dec 01, 16 12:49 PM

      Scuba gifts for women - Buy a unique gift for the diver in your life; presents at all price points

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    5. Scuba Diving Gift Ideas For Under $10 - Buy The Perfect Present

      Nov 29, 16 02:11 PM

      Looking to buy an inexpensive scuba diving gift or stocking stuffer? Check out our picks for the best cheap (shh!) diver presents.

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