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Looking for the best women's dive watches to give to someone special - or to treat yourself? Check out our picks here for what we consider some of the best scuba watches around.

These would make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Christmas, etc. Or a nice gift for no occasion at all. What women wouldn't love to receive a nice watch?

Since there is a huge range of price points for these watches, we give you our top picks in several different price categories. Hopefully it will make your selection that much easier.

Best high end dive watches

So how did these diving watches make our list?

Like all our watches in this price range, they all had to be water resistant to 660 feet to qualify (see our primer on scuba watches for an explanation of why 660 feet).

Next they had to have overwhelmingly positive reviews from users. After all, if the vast majority of buyers give the watch a high rating, chances are that it will work for you too.

We spent many hours combing through websites and reviews to pick the ones we believe will be worth your hard earned money. 

There is alot to consider when choosing between watches, especially at the higher price point. So if you need more information on options on a dive watch, please take a look at our free Buyers Guide to Dive Watches.

The links will open in a new window to our partner's website. From there, you can read more of the detailed reviews and features and see if that scuba watch will fit your needs.

(If a link isn't working or a product is no longer available, could you do me a favor and please let me know? I try and stay on top of it but things change all the time and I can't always keep up. Thanks so much for your help.)

Now on to the good stuff. We have divided our picks for best divers watch for women into the following categories based on price: luxury ($2,000+), top end ($200-$1,000), moderate ($100-$2,000), budget ($25-$100) and inexpensive/cheap (under $25).

To jump to the category you are interested in, just click on the links below:

Best Luxury Models ($1,000+)

Best Top End Dive Models ($200-$1,000)

Best Moderate Models ($100-$200)

Best Budget Models ($25-$100)

Best Inexpensive/Cheap Models (Under $25)

Best Women's Dive Watches:
Luxury - $1,000+

Whether you are looking for yourself or for that special someone in your life, lucky you for looking in this category! There is nothing not to love about these watches - they will look classic and stylish on her both on and off the boat.

Choice #1:

Our first choice in the luxury watch category for her is a Tag Heuer model. And who wouldn't want a Tag? They are known for their excellent quality and stylish look.

This model is has a classic look that will never go out of style and will earn a place on her wrist for years to come.

Tag Heuer women's dive watch

This watch has an analog display with a Swiss quartz movement. It is water resistant to 990 feet (300 meters).

The band and the bracelet are made from stainless steel and the window is made from antireflective sapphire crystal.

The display background is made from beautiful mother-of-pearl and also has jewels at most of the numbers. The Tag Heuer logo is displayed under the number 12.

This is an elegant looking watch that any women would love to own. It doesn't have a ton of bells and whistles but it does what it needs to do in a simple, classic fashion.

(Note: This watch comes with a 2 year Amazon warranty, not a manufacturer's warranty.)


  • Excellent craftsmanship, durable
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Easy to read at depth and in low light conditions
  • Accurate time


  • Face is a little smaller than some expected
  • Costly repair if out of warranty (as with most high end watches)
Find out more about this TAG Heuer Women's Watch here

Choice #2:

For our next pick for best women's dive watches in the luxury category is another Tag Heuer model.

It has the same great craftsmanship as our first pick but with a more sporty look from the black dial face.

This model keeps excellent time with its Swiss quartz movement.

Tag Heuer women's dive watch black face

The case and bracelet are made from stainless steel as you would expect from a watch at this price point.

This watch also has a diving extension so it makes it easier to fit over a wetsuit.

It has a scratch resistant window made from sapphire crystal along with a unidirectional bezel.

This watch is water resistant to 990 feet (300 meters) so it is great for diving.

All in all, this is a great model for an active women.

(Note: This watch comes with a 2 year Amazon warranty, not a manufacturer's warranty.)


  • Excellent craftsmanship and quality
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to read with contrasting hour marks
  • Accurate time


  • Could feel heavy (1 review)
  • When new battery is needed, has to be serviced to maintain water resistance
Find out more about this TAG Heuer Women's watch here.

Choice #3:

This next pick for our best women's dive watches is an Omega model.

Even if you don't scuba dive, this is a cool looking watch. It has the wave front and is considered to be one of the "James Bond" watches - need I say more?

Omega dive watch - a top end pick

This dive watch is made of stainless steel with a silver colored band and a blue watch face. The unidirectional bezel is also in blue with scalloped edges, making it easy to grip wherever you may happen to be.

It has Swiss quartz movement for extremely accurate time. It is also water resistant to 990 feet. Not that you should even come close to testing this one out.

This is just a cool looking watch that will wear well for many years to come.

(Note: This watch comes with a 2 year Amazon warranty, not a manufacturer's warranty.)


  • Very solid and durable
  • Accurate time
  • Stylish watch - James Bond "cool factor"
  • Dial easy to read; luminous hands glow bright
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Can feel heavy at times
  • Can be costly to repair if out of warranty
Get more details on this Omega Women's model here.

Best Women's Dive Watches:
Top End - $200-$1,000

Choice #1:

Our first pick in this category is a Luminox model.

Unlike our luxury picks, this scuba watch is a much more casual watch and is perfect for the active women. This is called the Navy Seal model - just a bit of inspiration here!

Another high end winner - Tag Heuer dive watch

This model is water resistant to 660 feet (just meeting our minimum requirement for scuba diving) and has a Swiss quartz movement.

The bezel is unidirectional and the band is made of silicone.

Many reviews stated that this watch gets lots of compliments. The pink is subdued giving you style without overdoing it.

A great choice for an active women and a casual lifestyle.

(Note: This watch comes with a 2 year Amazon warranty, not a manufacturer's warranty.)


  • Illumination is excellent
  • Easy to read and use
  • Well designed and durable
  • Very accurate time keeping
  • Holds up well to wear and tear


  • Band could be longer (4 reviews); FYI - band is 7 inches long
Read about this Luminox model here.

Choice #2:

Our next pick in this category is another Luminox model. The color here is exact opposite of our first choice with this one being in white. So everyone should find one to their liking!

This is another more casual style watch and is great for the active woman.

Luminox woment's dive watch

This has a quartz movement and the case is reinforced white carbon while the bracelet is white plastic.

This just makes our cutoff with a water resistance of 660 feet (200 meters) so there should be no worries there.

One thing I noticed as I was reading through all the reviews was that alot of nurses gave this watch high marks saying it was easy to read in dark as well as light rooms. Hadn't noticed that on any other watches I reviewed so just thought I would mention it. Do you have a nurse in your life? Or are you a nurse? This might just fit the bill.

(Note: This watch comes with a 2 year Amazon warranty, not a manufacturer's warranty.)


  • Durable, well-made product
  • Very easy to read in dark situations
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  •   Not enough contrast on watch face (1 reviewer)
Get all the information on this Luminox Women's watch here.

Choice #3:

Our next choice for best women's dive watches in this category is a Momentum model. While this brand may not be as well known as our other picks, the brand compares favorably at this price point and has carved out a niche for themselves in the waterproof market.

The company is based in Canada and has been around since 1980. Given their high ratings, I would bet they will be around for a long time to come.

momentum dive watch women's

This particular model features a stainless steel case and band. It has a quartz movement and a scratch resistant sapphire window. The window also contains a magnifier so the date is easier to read.

True to its niche, this watch is water resistant to 1,640 feet (500 meters) so you can dive to your heart's content.

It has a light face with a dark bezel giving it a slightly more casual but still classic look. I think it would look good both in and out of the water.

This watch also comes with a manufacturer's warranty.


  • Solid and well made
  • Very easy to read in all lighting conditions
  • Extra security in water resistance to 1,640 feet


  • Can feel heavy for some wearers (2 reviews)
  • Have to be at right angle to read through date magnifier
Read all about this company and Momentum Women's watch here.

Best Women's Dive Watches:
Moderate - $100-$200

Now on to our next category for best women's dive watches - those in the  moderately priced category. There were quite a few to choose from but I have narrowed the choices down to a couple of models.

Many of the watches in this price category had a water resistance rating to 330 feet. However, at this price point I still kept our cut off at 660 feet so many models didn't make the cut due to this factor. But at over $100, I still think you should have a rating of 660 feet so you can scuba dive with no worries.

Choice #1:

Our first pick in this price range is another Momentum model. They are doing well at these lower price points.

momentum women's dive watch

Don't be scared away by this picture. This model comes in several different colors- most of which are not for the faint of heart. LOL. This watch is also available in orange, purple, white and yellow (a very similar version is also available in blue). So pick a color and have some fun here!

One reviewer said that her husband now finds it easier to spot her underwater, and added advantage of these bright colors. Reviewers also said they get many compliments on the watch; it is noticeable so understandable.

This watch has a stainless steel case and a rubber band. It features a quartz movement and has a luminous face making it easy to read in dim light conditions.

This watch is rated as water resistant to 660 feet (200 meters), so no problems with scuba diving.

It is a fun looking watch and would work well with any casual setting or sporting activity.

This watch comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.


  • Easy to read with large numbers (good for aging eyes)
  • Glow in dark face so easy to read in dim light
  • Solid construction
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Available in different colors
  • Easy to adjust


  • Band can be uncomfortable (1 reviewer)
  • Band smells like vanilla (1 reviewer)
Get all the details on this choice for best dive watch - the colorful Momentum Women's Dive Watch here.. A very similar version in blue is available here.

Choice #2:

The second choice for best women's dive watches in this price category goes to an Invicta model from their Pro Diver collection. And it comes in at the very low end of the price range here so it is a great value. Since we spend so much to scuba dive to begin with, value is always welcome!

Invicta women's dive watch

This is a sharp looking watch. In fact several reviewers said people thought they were wearing a Rolex.

With it's two tone look, it goes great with most anything. Like both silver and gold jewelry? No problem. This looks perfect with both.

The band is made from 18K gold plating and stainless steel. The bezel is also 18K gold plated stainless steel.

The watch face is black with contrasting gold tone hour dots making it easy to read. This model is water resistant to 660 feet making it great for scuba diving.

This model comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.


  • Elegant yet sporty looking
  • Keeps excellent time
  • Easy to read dial
  • Quality construction/solidly built
  • Screw down crown 


  • Watch face is big (several reviewers)
  • Clasp can be hard to open (2 reviewers)
Find out more about this Invicta women's watch here.

Best Women's Dive Watches:
Budget - $25-$100

Choice #1:

This choice for best women's dive watch in the budget category is an Invicta model. In my opinion, this watch looks more expensive than it is.

Invicta budget women's dive watch

The case and band are made from 23K yellow gold plated stainless steel. It has a contrasting blue dial face and bezel which gives it a very distinctive look.

The bezel is unidirectional and has a scalloped edge for an easier grip.

Reviewers say they got lots of compliments on this watch. And even at this price point, this watch is water resistant to 660 feet so you can wear it while diving with no worries.

This watch comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty.


  • Solidly made and durable
  • Excellent value for money
  • Keeps time very well
  • Easy to use and read
  • Comfortable


  • Watch face is too small (several reviewers)
  •  Hands don't glow for very long (1 reviewer)
Find out more about this Invicta dive watch here.

Choice #2:

Our next pick in the budget category is another Invicta model. In case you didn't like the look of the all blue dial face on our previous pick, this model is a bit more subdued.

Invicta budget women's dive watch

The case and band of this model are made from 18K yellow gold plated steel. The dial here is a champagne color with a bit of contrast from the blue bezel.

It has gold toned dots for the numbers as well as dashes for minutes on both the dial face and bezel.

This model also has a scalloped edge on the bezel for and easier grip.
Invicta comes through again with a water resistance of  660 feet on this budget model. So scuba and be reassured that it will hold up to depth.

This model is very classic looking and would wear well just about anything - both in and out of the water.

This watch comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty.


  • Very durable and rugged
  • Comfortable
  • Watch face not too big
  • Easy to adjust
  • Nice gold hue
  • Keeps perfect time


  •  Smaller face (several reviewers)
  •  Gold plate is rubbing off after wear (1 reviewer)
Find all the details on Invicta women's dive watch here.

Best Women's Dive Watches:
Inexpensive (Cheap) - Under $25

Note: For this category of best women's dive watches, I had to lower the minimum water resistance depth to 330 feet. As you recall for watches to make the categories listed above, watches had to have a minimum water resistance to 660 feet.

As with all things, that water resistance comes with a price. So at this price point you will find the watches come with a water resistance of 330 feet. As I discussed above, you can read our primer on scuba diving watches for a discussion of the 660 feet issue.

In addition, dive watches not rated to 660 feet should definitely be considered a secondary timing device. However, just because they are not rated to 660 feet does not mean they will flood underwater. Although it of course can happen, my husband and I have both been diving with cheap watches rated for much less than 660 feet for years. They both are still going strong with no problems. But of course we have a computer as our main timing device should the watches stop working while diving.

So that being said, let's get on with our picks for best inexpensive (cheap) dive watches for women.

Choice #1:

Our first pick in this category is a Casio model. Casio in fact, earned all the spots at this price point. They are a well known company and get great reviews for the value of their watches.

Casio women's dive watch

This first pick is an all white model with gold tone accents on the bezel and on the watch face.

Unlike the other watches, this has a bidirectional bezel.All the other picks had a unidirectional bezel so the bezel can't get turned the wrong way by accident. I didn't read any reviews that had problems with the bidirectional bezel so all seems good.

The case and band are both made out of resin while the bezel is plastic.

As noted above, this watch is water resistant to 330 feet (please read our explanation above about scuba diving and water resistance if you haven't already)

This watch comes with a two year Amazon warranty.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Looks more expensive than the price
  • Easy to read
  • Keeps accurate time
  • Bezel rotates easily
  • Durable, can take knocks


  • Smaller face (several reviewers)
  • White can get dirty (several reviewers) but most were able to clean watch
  • Date can be hard to read
  • Illumination not good
Find all the details on Casio women's dive watch here.

Choice #2:

Our next pick as we said is another Casio model. This watch stands out for its colorful band and watch face.

Casio pink women's dive watch

This is a fun and flirty watch and many reviewers have fallen in love with this model.

The case material is listed as stainless (I assume the back face) while the band and bezel are made of resin.

A special feature of this watch is the military time on the watch face as well as the standard time. So if you ever have trouble figuring out military time, here is a learning aid for you!

This watch also has a bidirectional bezel, the same as our previous pick in this category.

As with the other inexpensive picks, this watch is water resistant to 330 feet (100 meters).

This watch comes with a two year Amazon warranty.


  • Cute and playful
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Displays military and standard time
  • Easy to read
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to set/adjust


  • Smaller face (several reviewers); suitable for child according to several reviewers
  • Illumination does not last
  • Military numbers/date can be hard to read (several reviewers)
  • Band can get warm (1 reviewer)
For all the details on this Casio playful dive watch click here. A watch very similar to this (also with great reviews) is available in white and blue here.

Hopefully our picks for the best women's dive watches at all price points will help you make your dive watch selection a bit easier. Please let us know how you like your selection, we would all love to hear about it.

Looking for other scuba diving equipment? Check out our other picks for best gear here. We give you our picks for best dive computer, BC's, regulators, masks, snorkels and more.

Tell us about your dive watch - the good, the bad and the ugly. Or let us know what you are looking for in a dive watch. Just use the comments section below.

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