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Which is the best dive watch for you to buy? There are lots of options out there with different features at all price points.

To help make your buying decision easier, we give you our pick of the best scuba diving watches in the luxury, high end and top end categories to take under with you.

Best high end dive watches

Of course, which of the following picks from our list of best dive watches will suit you depends on your budget and what you want in a watch.

(If you need more information on options on a dive watch, check out our Buyers Guide to Dive Watches.)

So how did these diving watches make our list?

First, they all had to be water resistant to 660 feet to qualify (see our Buyers Guide above for an explanation of why 660 feet).

Next they had to have overwhelmingly positive reviews from users. After all, if the vast majority of buyers give the watch a high rating, chances are that it will work for you too.

We spent many hours combing through websites and reviews to pick the ones we believe will be worth your hard earned money. 

The links will open in a new window to our partner's website. From there, you can read more of the detailed reviews and features and see if that scuba watch will fit your needs.

(For our picks of the best watches in the mid-range, inexpensive and budget categories click here. You may also want to check out our picks for best dive watches for women here.).

Note: We want to make sure any new watches hitting the market will be considered. Many new watches have been added while some have fallen off the list. We plan on updating this list about every 6-12 months or so to make sure you are getting the most up-to-date choices.

So if you are looking for a new diving watch for the current diving season, this list is for you.

Now on to the good stuff. We have divided our picks for best divers watch for men into the following categories based on price: luxury ($2,000+), top end ($1,000-$2,000) and high end ($500-$1,000).

To jump to the category you are interested in, just click on the links below:

Best Luxury Models ($2,000+)

Best Top End Dive Models ($1,000-$2,000+)

Best High End Models ($500-$1,000)

Best Dive Watches:
Luxury - $2,000+

If you are looking in this category - lucky you! If you can afford to treat yourself, why not? I say life's too short, let's enjoy it!

Choice #1:

Our first pick in the luxury category is a Tag Heuer model. Tag Heuer has a great reputation for high end watches and this model is no exception.

A beautiful TagHeuer watch for best dive watch in the luxury category

Both the case and the bracelet are made from stainless steel. It also has a stainless steel unidirectional bezel.

This watch features a quartz movement and has a chronograph feature (minutes, seconds, 1/10th).

It has a scratch resistant window made from sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective interior coating. I have read review of other high end watches that don't have this coating and some users have said that it can be hard to read the dials in bright light.

The dial face also has lines giving it a more distinctive look. This watch also has a fold over clasp with push button for extra security. This is one watch you don't want to lose!

This watch is water resistant to 990 feet (300 meters) so no worries when you dive.

A beautiful watch that will look good no matter what you are doing.


  • Sturdy, durable
  • Keeps very accurate time
  • Nice feel (weight/substance)
  • Easy to operate
  • Comfortable
  • Fully stainless steel


  • Quartz, not automatic movement (1 review)

Choice #2:

Next up for our picks of best dive watch in the luxury category is Swiss made Omega model.

And who doesn't think of the Swiss when they think of high end watches?

This Omega watch is a pick for best dive watch in luxury category

Next up for our picks of best dive watch in the luxury category is Swiss made Omega model.

And who doesn't think of the Swiss when they think of high end watches?   

This Omega model is automatic self wind, rather than the quartz movement of our choice above.

This is a nice looking watch and features a black dial with silver band. Like our pick above, the case, band and bezel are all made from stainless steel.

The window material is also the high end anti reflective sapphire. There are luminescent hands and markers making it easier to read in darker conditions (as in underwater).

This watch also features a fold over clasp with double push button for added security. It is also water resistant to 990 feet (300 meters) making it safe for your diving.

The pros and cons of this watch according to reviews are:


  • Keeps perfect time
  • Right amount of heft/not too heavy
  • Comfortable
  • Clasp accommodates extension for scuba diving
  • Dial and details pop
  • Great workmanship/excellent quality


  • Band scratches easily (1 reviewer)
  • Bezel a bit hard to turn (1 reviewer)
  • Luminescence could be better when diving (1 reviewer)

Choice #3:

Our last pick for best dive watch in the luxury category is another Tag Heuer model.

What can I say, they make great watches!

Tag Heuer dive watch - a luxury pick

This is a two toned watch with chronograph features and is very distinctive looking. My husband has a two toned watch and always gets lots of compliments on it (but no, it is not a Tag, unfortunately).

This watch, like our pick above, also has Swiss automatic movement and a scratch resistant sapphire crystal window.

The stainless steel case is topped off with a stainless steel unidirectional bezel with 18 karat gold accents. The band is also made with stainless steel links and links with 8 karat gold accents making it a standout in the looks department.

You will also find a fold over clasp for added security.

This watch, like the others in this category, is water resistant to 990 feet (300 meters).

The pros and cons of this distinctive looking watch are:


  • Well balanced
  • Comfortable on wrist
  • Keeps great time, smooth and quiet
  • Distinctive two toned look
  • Heavy, durable
  • Low maintenance


  • Time not as accurate as they would like (1 review)

Best Dive Watch:
Top End - $1,000-$2,000

This year we have new entrants in this category. Change is good right? There were quite a few contenders in this price range but I finally narrowed it down to these 2 choices.

Choice #1:

Our first pick for best dive watch in the Top End category is a Seiko model. It scores a perfect 5.0 out of 5.0.

Another top end winner - a Seiko dive watch

This is a just a classic stylish watch that will never go out of style.

This watch features Japanese automatic movement and can be hand wound.

It has a stainless steel case, band and bezel. The bezel is unidirectional so you can have a second timer during your dive.

The luminescence on numbers and markings is extra bright and makes it easy to read underwater.

For extra safety the watch has a double locking foldover clasp and also has a divers extension so you can fit it over your wetsuit. An added bonus is it comes with a second strap made of rubber so you can change between the stainless band and the rubber band.

This watch is water resistant to 990 feet (300 meters).

Overall this is a great classic looking watch and would serve you well for many years.

The pros and cons as I see it are:


  • Excellent engineering Balances well on wrist
  • Smooth movement
  • Classic styling
  • Solid, durable, reliable
  • Luminescence very bright
  • Come with 2 straps, stainless and rubber
  • Band extends to fit over wetsuit


  • Clasp scratches easily (1 reviewer)
  • Can be heavy on wrist (1 reviewer)
  • No screw on case back makes it harder to repair
  • Sits a little tall

Choice #2:

For our second choice in this category we have a Tag Heuer Model. This watch would look good in any setting.

A classic looking watch, this Tag features a stainless steel case, band and bezel. It is a Swiss quartz movement watch and has a second subdial at 6:00

Tag Heuer dive watch - top end choice for best dive watch

The window is a scratch resistant sapphire and it has a foldover clasp for extra security.

The luminescence on the watch face is very bright for the numbers and markings, making it easy to see your reading underwater. However, a few reviewers did state that the luminescence area on the hands themselves is small and not very bright. They stated that this makes reading the time in low light conditions difficult.

This watch is water resistant to 660 feet, just meeting our minimum requirement for this category.

Overall, a very nice watch which would serve you well. The pros and cons of this Tag model are:


  • Solid, well built, durable
  •  Nice heft and feel
  • Classic and stylish
  • Very quiet operation
  • Keeps perfect time
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Numbers and markings easy to read underwater


  • Luminescence on hands not easy to read
  • Quartz movement, not automatic
  • Didn't work properly (3 reviewers)

Best Dive Watch:
High End - $500-$1,000

So now we are on our last category for best dive watch in the high end range. We have 2 new entrants this year.

Choice #1:

The first choice for best dive watch in this price category goes to a Citizen's model. This is a repeat winner in this category, still getting rave reviews from users.

This watch has it all - which can be a drawback for some people and a positive for others. Depends on what you like.

Citizen - Pick for best dive watch in $500-$1000 price range

However, if you are into gadgets and functions, look no further. This model is made from titanium instead of the usual stainless steel so despite its size it is lightweight on the arm.

It automatically updates the time from a light powered eco-drive system so no more batteries or winding to worry about. It keeps world time in 43 cities making it perfect for a traveler.

It has a rotating slide rule bezel (figure that out) and chronograph functions. It is rated to 660 feet.

There is a lot here and I can imagine people would either love it or hate it. The vast majority of reviews however are overwhelmingly positive.

This is a watch that will be noticed and commented upon.


  • Lightweight due to titanium
  • Lots of features (times, chronographs, calendars, etc.)
  • Unique looking
  • Time adjust automatically; no batteries or winding
  • Keeps charge for lengthy period, even in dark
  • Luminosity is very bright
  • Comfortable


  • Complicated to use (comes with a CD of instructions)
  • Some numbers small to read (3 reviewers)
  • Crystal scratches easily (1 reviewer)

Choice #2:

This choice for best dive watch in the high end category is a new entrant. 

Like our first choice, this is also a Citizen's model. This is a sportier look than the first choice and not as busy looking.

It gets lots of kudos for its looks and owners report getting lots of compliments on this watch.

Reactor dive watch - pick for best dive watch in high end category

This dive watch has a 2 tone stainless steel unidirectional bezel and also has a depth display to 125 feet which is great for diving. Users have reported that this function is accurate and agrees with their dive computer making it a great backup should your computer fail.

The watch has a quartz movement and a mineral window - which tends to scratch more easily than a sapphire window (confirmed by reviewers).

The band on this watch is rubber while the case is stainless steel. It also has 3 chronograph functions.

This model has a quartz movement and is fueled by light - so you never need to buy batteries or change them again. A nice feature.

This watch is water resistant to 660 feet (200 meters).

Overall this is a great looking watch which has added functions for the scuba diver.

The pros and cons from reading about this watch are:


  • Never need batteries
  • Luminescence is bright, good underwater
  • Depth display to 125 feet
  • Extremly accurate
  • Heavy, rugged
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Stylish, looks great, gets compliments
  • Power reserve indicator


  • Mineral window, not sapphire
  • Rubber band will eventually wear down, need replacing (several reviewers)
  • Need to keep it fully charged for dive functions to fully operate
  • Band comes unbuckled (1 reviewer)

Choice #3:

Our third pick for best dive watch in this category is another new entrant and it is a Reactor model.

This is a distinctive looking watch which is made of all titanium. It has a rugged look but is lighter than stainless steel watches due to its titanium construction.

The watch features a unique "never dark illumination" system which keeps the dial easy to read for long periods of time even if not exposed to light.

The movement on this best dive watch pick is quartz and it has a mineral crystal window.

It also features a fold over clasp with push button and a backup safety catch to ensure you never lose this watch.

This watch is rated to 990 feet (300 meters).

The pros and cons of this pick are:


  • Bright luminescence, readable for long periods
  • Lightweight titanium construction
  • High quality, well designed
  • Well balanced
  • Very accurate time, reliable
  • Large, masculine, rugged


  • Lost time (2 reviewers)
  • Leaked (1 review)

Hopefully our picks for the best dive watch will help you make your dive watch selection a bit easier. Please let us know how you like your selection, we would all love to hear about it.

Looking for other scuba diving equipment? Check out our other picks for best gear here. We give you our picks for best dive computer, BC's, regulators, masks, snorkels and more.

Tell us about your dive watch - the good, the bad and the ugly. Or let us know what you are looking for in a dive watch. Just use the comments section below.

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