Scuba Diving Gift Ideas
For Under $10:
Updated 2022

Buy the perfect present for the diver in your life

Trying to come up with a scuba diving gift idea can be challenging. Especially one that doesn't break the bank. Because we all know, diving is not cheap! To help you along though, we have a list of possible presents for the diver in your life - all for under $10. They make great stocking stuffers too. 

We give you a variety of options - from practical to just for fun. So whether you are looking for a loved one or a friend you should find something to cover you here.

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Let the shopping begin! Our list of cheaper (shhh!) scuba diving gifts...

Inexpensive Scuba Diving Gift Ideas:
All Under $10

Dive Tank Keychain with O-rings

Dive Tank Keychain with O-rings

Many a dive has been aborted because of a damaged O-ring. Not anymore with this handy save a dive O-ring kit. It comes with 10 O-rings in various sizes and a pick for easy installation. Small and compact but oh so useful. Add it to your keys or attach it to your dive bag so you never have to cancel of dive because of a blown O-ring.

Click here for the Dive Tank Key Chain with O-rings

Reef Fish Identification Card

Reef Fish Identification Card

This is a nice handy reference for identifying those fish they just saw on a dive. This guide covers over 75 species of the most common fish in the Caribbean. Made of waterproof plastic so it will be nice and durable on the dive/snorkel boat. Lightweight and easy to pack so it is perfect to take along on a dive trip.

Click here for the Reef Fish Identification Card

Scuba Diver Baseball Hat

Shark Dive Flag Knit Hat

Keep your diver nice and toasty and the sun off their face on and off that dive boat. Nice looking classic scuba diver with the word DIVE in the colors of the dive flag. It lets everyone know what sport they love. And just thinking of tropical diving can give a warm feeling to any diver. One size fits all for this scuba diving gift.

Click here for the Scuba Diver Hat

Dive Safety Whistle

Dive Safety Whistle

As every diver knows, safety is the #1 priority on any dive. This safety whistle is a lightweight and easy device to bring along but goes a long way in the safety department. If someone ever finds themselves surfacing a long way from the dive boat, this whistle can be used to attract the attention of the people on the boat. Just clip it on a BC to always have it on hand and at the ready. A very practical and meaningful scuba diving gift.

Click here for the Dive Safety Whistle

Zipper Lubricant

Zipper Lubricant

Salt water/air can wreak havoc on the zippers of those wetsuits, drysuits and dive bags. This easy to use zipper lubricant will have those zippers sliding up nice and easily for many dives to come. It comes with a brush to help brush away any dirt or salt deposits stuck in the teeth of the zipper. Once clean, use this lubricant for an easy pulling zipper. Works on metal, plastic and nylon zippers. No more tugging on that dive boat.

Click here for the Zipper Lubricant

Scuba Diver Ornament (Female and Male available)

Scuba Diver Ornament (Female and Male available)

Give your scuba diver a special place on the tree each year (or on the ceiling fan pull, etc.). A cute ornament with the diver and 2 colorful fish. Hand painted and made of resin. Available in female diver and male diver versions - a scuba diving gift for both sexes.

Click here for the Female Diver Ornament

Click here for the Male Diver Ornament

Scuba Diving Luggage Tags (different graphics available)

Dive flag luggage tags

I thinks these look so cool. Don't get confused by all those bags - and luggage tags - looking alike anymore. Add these unique tags and your luggage will stand out. Comes in a set of 2 and has leather straps for long lasting wear. Lots of different colors and graphics available.

Click Here for Scuba Diving Luggage Tags

Fun Pack of Shark Stickers

Tropical Fish Otterbox skin

Bring your diver back to the underwater world every time they see these stickers. A fun pack of 50 vinyl stickers to be used in several places. Stick them on the water bottle they use on the boat, on their laptop so they can get that underwater feeling, on their phone or any place they can think of. Wherever it is, it will make it easy to identify their property. A fun and whimsical gift for any scuba diver.

Check out the Shark Stickers here

Scuba Diver Zone Sign

Scuba diving zone sign

Have fun with this one. This 12"x12" sign is fun to hang inside or out and sure to bring a smile to people's face when they see it. Keep those warm thoughts in your mind when you see this sign. Perfect for a study, garage, mancave, girlcave or just about anywhere you want to have some pleasant thoughts. 

Check out this scuba diving sign here.

Adjustable Wrist Lanyard

Scuba diving Adjustable Wrist Lanyard

Nothing is worse than seeing an expensive dive accessory making its way to the ocean floor. Your diver can use this to have a secure connection to those cameras, knives, lights, etc. The design of this lanyard allows you to connect either side to your wrist or your accessory. It can then be put on the wrist or connected to the BC. Available in several colors, including bright colors making it easier to spot underwater.

Click here for the Adjustable Wrist Lanyard

Scuba Gear Marking Paint

Scuba Gear Marking Paint

It is easy to get dive gear mixed up with other divers on the boat - or divers/snorkelers in your family. This is an easy solution which is used by many dive shops. Use this waterproof paint to mark all your gear and make identifying your gear that much easier. Comes in different colors and is non-toxic. (Note: Does not adhere very well to fins.)

Click here for the Gear Marking Paint

Reef Safe Mask Defogger 

Anti-fog Gel for Dive Masks

Nothing can ruin a dive faster than a foggy mask. Having to constantly put water in and out to get that fog off the lens is one big pain. Which is why no divers bag should be without an anti-fog product. This mask defogger goes the extra mile and is reef safe and made with all natural products. You can get alot of happy divers (and fish/coral) by giving this little bottle as a scuba diving gift.

Click here for the Mask Defogger

Scuba Diver Rubber Stamp

Scuba Diver Rubber Stamp

Let your diver give a little personal touch to his correspondence, papers, etc. This diver is etched in a white maple wood block. Just press down on the ink pad and - presto - a personalized touch. A unique scuba diving gift for the diver in your life. (Ink pad is not included)

Click here for the Scuba Diver Rubber Stamp

Scuba Diving Garden Flag

Eat Sleep Dive Garden Flag

Hang it wherever you want a little whimsical touch. This double sided garden flag (12"x18") doesn't have to be limited to the garden. Hang it on a wall, ceiling, railing, etc. Great for dens, rec rooms, man caves and more. And bring a nice though of diving whenever you see it. (Note: Doesn't include pole, only flag)

Click here for the Eat Sleep Dive Repeat Flag

Scuba Diving First Aid Kit

Scuba Diving First Aid Kit

A practical gift for your scuba diver. This kit contains all the basic items needed to help treat minor cuts, scratches, headaches, sinus block, plus other dive related medical problems. It is compact so it is easy to throw in your bag and take it with you. Hopefully a gift they won't ever have to use :) - but they will be eternally grateful if they do need it.

Click here for the Scuba Diving First Aid Kit

Ocean Themed Note Cards

Underwater Note Cards

I thinks these note cards are just beautiful. Sharp and vibrant, they display close-up pictures of underwater life. A great way to add a personal touch to a diver's thank you cards, those saying "thinking of you", or whatever occasion fits the bill. Pretty enough to be framed too. Take your pick for a special scuba diving gift.

Click here for the Ocean Themed Notecards

Waterproof Phone Case

Waterproof Phone Case

Being a diver means being around water. And we know what that means. Protect that valuable phone with this waterproof case. Keeps out sand, dust, dirt, etc. too. It can also serve as a handy place to keep those tips for the dive crew, keys, credit cards and all those little things can be hard to find in a bigger bag.

Click here for the Waterproof Phone Case

Scuba Diver Bottle Opener

scuba diver dog tag and bottle opener

A unique and fun bottle opener. It is lightweight and can be added to a keychain so one is never caught without a way to open that bottle. A nice and very practical gift for the scuba diver that loves popping open a cold one after a day of diving! A perfect stocking stuffer for any diver.

Get the details on this personalized bottle opener here.

Diver Zipper Pull

scuba diving zipper pul

I love this idea. It says it can be for a bracelet also but I like the idea using it as a zipper pull. Add this to your backpack, luggage, coat, dive bag, etc. It will also have the added benefit of identifying your item if someone else has a similar one. And best of all - it is under $10 with free shipping! A very versatile scuba diving gift.

Click here for the Diving Flag Zipper Pull

Tank Banger

Scuba tank banger

A simple, easy to use noise maker when you want to get your dive buddy's attention - or anyone's attention. Just put it on your tank, reach back, pull and let it go to hit the tank and make a noise. So your dive buddy won't have to miss that amazing sight you just saw. Also good as a safety precaution if you need someone's help.

Click here for the Tank Banger

Mask Strap Cover

dive mask strap cover

If you have ever used a plastic mask strap, you know this is a must. It is a neoprene cover that fits over an existing strap on a mask. No more pulled hair! So easy yet so good. I would never use a mask again without a neoprene cover or strap. You can pick from a variety of colors for this scuba diving gift so pick your recipient's favorite color.

Click Here for the Padded Mask Strap Cover

Diver Flag Vinyl Skin For Phone

diver flag vinyl skin

Protect that phone with a vinyl skin that let's everyone know your passion. (Note: This is not a hard case or made of gel, etc. It is a vinyl sticker that protects from scratches, etc.). This particular one is for the iphone 5/5S but other models are available.

Click Here for the Diver Vinyl Skin

Scuba Tea Infuser

Scuba Tea Infuser

Have a diver that loves their loose tea? Here is a cute tea infuser shaped like a diving helmet with a counterweight that looks like a dive tank. This tea infuser will have them thinking of those great times underwater as they are waiting for their warm cup. It is a novel way for a diver to start their day and a unique scuba diving gift.

Check out the Scuba Tea Infuser here.

Scuba Flag License Plate

scuba flag license plate

This makes a nice scuba diving gift - a scuba flag license plate. Display it proudly as you drive around town. Good reviews on the quality of this plate. And the price is certainly right!

Click here for the Diving Flag License Plate

Silicone Mouthpiece For Regulator

silicone mouthpiece for regulator

If you have ever experienced jaw fatigue, you know a more comfortable mouthpiece should be on the list. Or maybe it is just time to replace that old worn out mouthpiece they have been using for years. This gets good reviews and makes diving that much more comfortable. A more comfortable dive without spending an arm and a leg? It's a winner! Comes in different colors too. A scuba diving gift that will make their next dive  more comfortable.

Click here for the Silicone Mouthpiece

Dive Slate - Options Include Compass, Glow-in-Dark

scuba diving slate

If you ever tried to get a point across to someone under water and they didn't understand, you know a dive slate is the thing to have. I always bring mine with me. Small enough to fit in a pocket if I don't need it too. This slate has a couple options: you can buy it plain or buy it with a compass or get one that glows in the dark. Now that sounds cool! (Just rollover the pictures under the description for the different options.) Don't let the diver in your life get frustrated trying to communicate, get them a dive slate as this years scuba diving gift.

Click here for the Dive Slate

Scuba Diver Decal Sticker

scuba diver decal

I love this decal. Just a simple diver that you can put anywhere: car, bumper, laptop, windows, etc. Really anywhere with a flat surface. Personalize what they have. It also comes in a variety of sizes along with the choice of a black or white decal.

Click here for the Scuba Diver Decal Sticker

Lycra Sport Sock For Fins

lycra scuba diving sock

If the diver in your life ever complained about chafing or blisters from his/her fins, this is the answer. Get them a thin pair of lycra socks that they can wear under their booties or with their full foot fins. A scuba diving gift that decreases chafe and increases pleasure.

Find these Lycra socks for scuba here.

So there you have it, our list 25+ inexpensive scuba diving gift ideas - all for under $10.  Hopefully you can use at least one of these ideas to surprise the diver in your life. Whatever the reason for the gift is, we hope they love it!

If you are considering some scuba gear, dive watches, etc. for a gift, you might want to check out our Picks For Best Scuba Gear here.

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