Gifts For Scuba Divers:
Updated and Expanded

Moderately Priced ($10-$50) Presents For The
Diver In Your Life

Buying gifts for scuba divers - whether it is for a birthday, graduation or holiday - can sometimes be difficult. To get your imagination going, we have some great ideas for presents which we think any diver would be glad to have.

This list of gift ideas covers a variety of objects from practical to whimsical. Hopefully you can find something to bring a smile to the face of your diver.

All the presents on this page are in the moderately priced range which we have defined as $10-$50. These recommendations have been updated and expanded. 

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So let's get going and let the shopping begin! Our list of gifts for scuba divers...

scuba diving gift ideas

Moderately Priced Gifts For Scuba Divers:
Ideas for presents priced between $10

Multi Functional Face Mask

world dive map

Unfortunately it is a sign of the times. If you need to wear a mask, why not do it in style and show your love of scuba diving? If you don't need it as a mask it can also function as a headscarf, neckband, headband and any other way you see fit. This could easily be useful in  a variety of outdoor activities. If they are not underwater, as least this can give the wearer happy thoughts of our wonderful sport :).

Click Here for the Face Mask 

World Dive Map 

world dive map

This is a gorgeous dive map. One of the best that I have seen. It has over 500 dive sites listed all over the world. The unique aspect of this map is that it has wonderful hand drawn features. This map is available in paper, canvas, a foldable version and - best of all - a towel! When they use this on the dive boat and they will get lots of compliments! Use the code SCUBADIVINGSMILES at check out for 10% off!

Click Here for the World Dive Map

Portable Digital Luggage Scale

portable digital luggage scale

With all the extra fees they tack on these days during plane travel, you don't want your diver friend to get caught with overweight fees. Or be stuck in the airport moving items from one bag to another. Get them this easy to use digital luggage scale. It is small and portable so they can take it with them and make sure they don't go over the weight limit after adding their souvenirs! One of those very practical - and probably money saving - gifts for scuba divers.

Click here for the portable luggage scale

Outback Hat With Dive Flag

whale kissing keychains

You know how much sun a diver can get whether on land or on the dive boat. This wide brimmed hat offers great protection keeping the sun off the face and the neck. No more of those sunburned areas! It features side vents and a removable, adjustable chin strap. Also available with the image of scuba diver on the front. A practical gift for scuba divers that will keep on giving.

Click here for the Outback Hat

Kissing Whale Couple Key Chains

whale kissing keychains

Now you have to admit these are cute. They are magnetic and make it appear as the whales are kissing. This would make a great gift for your favorite diving couple (or for you and a friend :) ). A practical yet whimsical gift for scuba divers of all ages.

Click here for the kissing whale key chain

Metal License Plate Frame

scuba diving license frame

Instead of a boring old frame from the dealer - or no frame at all - let your diver show his love for the sport. And he will think of being under the water every time he walks to the car. What better present than to transport someone to their dream destination - if only for a minute.

Click Here for the Metal License Plate Frame

Scuba Diving Wrapping Paper (other graphics available)

Scuba Diving Wrapping Paper

What diver wouldn't love to get a present wrapped in this unique wrapping paper? It shows you were thinking of them as you prepared your gift. A unique gift for scuba divers too - I can bet they won't have this at home. You can choose from other underwater themed pictures also.

Click Here for the Scuba Diving Wrapping Paper

Waterproof Label For Gear

waterproof labels for scuba gear

Personalize your gear with these waterproof stickers. Never get your gear mixed up again on that dive boat or rinse tank. You can customize these tags with your personal info. While they are a bit pricey (imho), so is dive gear :). Worth the added measure of security.

Click here for waterproof stickers for your dive gear.

Dive Flag Pet Collar

Scuba diving flag pet collar dog collar

Who says all the gifts for scuba divers have to be for the divers themselves? Let that pet that the diver loves so much get in on the action too. This one adjusts to fit 11 1/2" to 19" necks.

Click Here for the Dive Flag Pet Collar

Face Mask With Regulator

dive mask strap cover

I just got a kick out of this face mask. If we are wearing one we might as well have fun with it. This mask features the image of a dive regulator with bubbles coming out of it. Sure to get lots of smiles from other people - especially divers!

Click here for the Face Mask With Regulator

Dive Mask Strap Cover

dive mask strap cover

Don't let the diver in your life go off with a plastic mask strap. If you have ever used one, you know how it pulls your hair. Use this easy to cover wrapper - just put it around the existing mask strap and voila - no more pulled hair. So easy yet so good. I would never use a mask again without a neoprene cover or strap. There are a variety of designs to choose from. Pick one to suit your divers personality!

Click Here for Dive Mask Strap Wrapper

Save-A-Dive 0 Ring Kit

save a dive kit o-rings

There is nothing worse than having to call a dive because of a blown o-ring. Well, with this save-a-dive kit, your diver can keep on diving. It comes with 40 o-rings and silicone lube. Use it for o-rings on hoses and tanks as well as lights, regs, cameras and gauges. You will be profusely thanked after the diver is able to save his dive! One of those practical gifts for scuba divers.

Click Here for the Save-A-Dive Kit

Heavy Duty Bottle Opener

Either of these would make a fun yet practical scuba diving present - a heavy duty stainless steel bottle opener. Choose one with the dive flag or one with a diver that can be personalized with the diver's name or other saying. A perfect way to pop open that bottle after a nice day of diving. This is a large opener (7") and would make a nice functional gift for the diver in your life. Bring it out at parties and see the comments you get.

Click here for the Dive Flag Bottle Opener

Click here for the personalized Bottle Opener

Dry Bag

waterproof case for divers and snorkelers

This makes a nice scuba diving present - a waterproof drybag and phone case to protect all the items a diver brings on the boat (towel, shirt, cash, credit card, c-card, keys, phone, etc.) but wants to keep dry. I don't know of any diver that couldn't use a dry bag. I have several myself in various sizes and use them all the time - both off and on the boat. This item comes in a range of different colors. A nice practical gift for the diver in your life.

Click here for the Dry Bag

Reef Safe Leave-in Conditioner

reef safe leave in conditioner for scuba divers

If you have ever dove, you know how tangled a diver's hair can become. Combing out long hair can be a painful nightmare. Not to mention the damage extended sun time can do to hair. Enter this leave-in conditioner. You can leave it in all day and help protect your hair. And best of all your friend can go diving with it since it is reef safe. This company also makes a highly regarded reef safe sunscreen.

Click here for the leave in conditioner.

Click here for a reef safe sunscreen.

Stainless Steel Scuba Tank Water Bottle

water bottle dive tank

Now this is one of those gifts for scuba divers that be sure to get many comments. It's a unique gift and will make the diver feel right at home :). A very realistic replica of a scuba diving tank. This water bottle is made of stainless steel and 100% BPA free. It's a fun gift and will be perfect for their next dive trip!

Click here for the scuba tank water bottle.

Lightweight Turkish Beach Towel

turkish towel for scuba diving travel

I have several of these towels and absolutely love them. They are lightweight and pack down to a small size so they are great for dive travel. While they are soft to begin with, they get softer with each wash. They are also quick drying so they are great for the dive boat. It is the only towel I use when traveling(I no longer use my microfiber towels). I have bought countless of these for gifts and my friends and family also love them. They come in array of colors and designs. Note: There are alot of these towels out there and I have gotten a couple as gifts. LOL. However, the other brands I have received are not as lightweight nor fold up as small so I only use them at home.

Click here for the Turkish Beach Towel

Waterproof Car Seat Cover

mes scuba diving bag

Now this is one of those practical and useful gifts for scuba divers. They will never have to worry about getting that car seat wet after a dive again. Easier and better coverage than that old towel on the seat. This cover is made of 3mm neoprene - just like a wetsuit and will protect the car seat not just from water but also from odor, stains and wear for years to come. It slips right on the seat, doesn't slip and will contour to the shape of the seat. And better yet, it is machine washable for easy care. This is rated 5 out of 5 stars so your diver will be happy with this gift!

Click here for the waterproof car seat cover.

Mesh Dive Bag

mes scuba diving bag

Now this is another practical and useful gifts for a scuba divers. This will hold all your diver's gear for easy transport on and off the dive boat. You always want your gear together and in a compact space for your ease of mind, the safety of your equipment and to be considerate of other divers space. This rugged mesh bag can also just be dipped into the rinse tank with all the equipment in it if in a rush. The bag also folds for easy and compact storage when not in use. I never go diving without my mesh bag. Gets great reviews.

Click Here for the Mesh Dive Bag

Surface Marker Buoy With Whistle

lycra scuba diving sock

You want to make sure your loved one is safe. This scuba gift can help, especially if a diver gets separated from the group. This SMB is 6 feet tall (don't buy a shorter version) and is in the highly visible orange color. It also has a whistle attached for another safety signaling device. Great idea for all dives but pretty much a necessity on drift dives where it is much easier to get separated. Let your divers know you love them and want them to be safe! One of those practical gifts for scuba divers.

Click Here for the Surface Marker Buoy

LED Dive Light

Scuba diving light

Whether night diving or wanting to look into cracks and crevices during the day, a dive light can be a diver's best friend. This one is guaranteed to a depth of 150 meters and is light weight at only 6.3o z. This light has 4 working modes and comes with a rechargeable battery. This light gets great all around reviews from divers and should serve your diver well. Another practical and useful dive gift.

Click here for this Dive Light

Solar Powered Phone Charger

Scuba diving light

Who can't use an external charger for their phone. This one is solar powered and includes two USB ports, type C port, dual flashlights and a compass kit. This one would be great to use on a dive trip and it is light weight at only 7.2 oz. so no weighing down the luggage. Of course, this can be used in a variety of environments such as camping, hiking, beach going, fishing, etc. They will never be at a loss for power and can capture their memories without worrying about the phone charge. 

It's not just a gift for scuba divers, LOL.

Click here for this Solar Powered Phone Charger

So there you have it, our list of moderately priced gifts for scuba divers. Ranging from the practical to the whimsical. Whichever way you want to go, I hope you can use at least one of these ideas to surprise the diver in your life. No matter the reason for the gift, they are sure to love it. Happy shopping and gift giving!

If you are considering some scuba gear, dive watches, etc. for a gift, you might want to check out our Picks For Best Scuba Gear here.

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