Scuba Gifts For Women:
Updated And Expanded

Buy A Unique Present For The
Female Diver In Your Life

Buying scuba gifts for women can be challenging. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day, Christmas or any other occasion, you want to find something that is pretty unique and that she will enjoy.

I have some suggestions for you below. Most of the gifts are geared specifically toward women (with just a couple fun unisex gifts thrown in for good measure). She will know you were thinking of her when you bought it.

Some of these scuba gifts are whimsical, some are practical. So whichever way the women in your life goes, I hope you can find something that will bring a smile to her face.

scuba diving gifts for women

I also picked out several gifts that are fully customizable. You can choose whatever photo/design to put on the product for a truly one of a kind gift. Have a favorite picture of her scuba diving? Put it on the gift and watch her surprised reaction!

The presents on this page are at all price points. You can find some at under $10 and you can find some significantly more expensive than that. There is something for every budget.

We also have several other pages of gift ideas. You can find them here:

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So let's get going. Here are my picks for scuba gifts for women.

Scuba Gifts For Women

Ocean Themed Crossbody Bag

ocean themed cross body bag

This is an absolutely beautiful hand painted leather crossbody bag. I came across this designer when I was doing research for this page. The picture is wonderful and the colors are so vibrant. It is like wearing a work of art. What women that loves diving and the ocean wouldn't love this piece? None that I can think of! 

Click here for the Crossbody Bag

Scuba Themed Nail Wraps (Customizable)

scuba theme nail wraps art

How cool are these? They are nail coverings that she can apply directly to her nails. She can do them herself or she can bring them to a salon to have them put on. They are available in many different designs. They range from seahorses to dive flags to scuba divers to sharks, etc. You get the picture. This is one of those fun scuba gifts. Perfect for right before a dive trip too. This is also fully customizable so she can wear her favorite dive photo on her nails.

See all the designs here.

Scuba Diver Mascara

scuba diving mascara

What women hasn't had raccoon eyes, smudges or running mascara? Especially after being out in the water. Those problems are solved with this scuba mascara designed to be water resistant and keep that mascara on the lashes. And even better, this product is paraben-free and cruelty-free. She will emerge from the water looking great.

Click here for the Scuba Mascara

Female Diver Memo Pad Holder (Customizable)

Female Diver Memo Pad Holder

This is a cute memo pad holder with a cartoon female diver. Best of all it can be personalized. You can change the skin tone, put her name on it, change the hairstyle and even add children and pets. This makes it a fun gift for her. Easily refilled with paper from your local office supply store (or from the company). One of those scuba gifts that keeps on giving.

click here for the memo pad.

Ocean Themed Cosmetic/Toiletry Bag

ocean themed cosmetic bag for women

This is beautiful yet practical scuba gift. One can never have too many cosmetic bags or an all around general clutch bag. There is always something that needs organizing and holding. And she can do it in scuba style with this underwater print. She will smile as she thinks of diving when she uses this bag.

Click here for the Cosmetic Bag

Personalized Dive Flag Fleece Blanket (Customizable)

I love this gift. Who doesn't want their own warm blanket to cuddle up to? It would feel especially special after a cold water dive. Put her name on it and no one can steal that blanket away from her. This blanket is available in 3 sizes. This blanket is also fully customizable - if you have a favorite scuba photo, you could have it put on the blanket for a truly one of a kind gift.

Get her personalized blanket here.

Dive Watch

dive watch for women

Who wouldn't love a new watch? As well as wearing it for a timing device when diving, she can wear it out of the water as well. This is one of the scuba gifts for women that just keeps on giving. We looked at lots of dive watches and picked the best ones from many different price categories. From cheap to luxury, there is sure to be a watch that she'll love and that will fit your budget.

See our picks for dive watches as all different price points here.

Dive Flag Wristlet/Clutch (Customizable)

dive flag wristlet or clutch

Now this is a cute little wristlet, clutch, pocketbook - whatever you want to call it. Perfect for the casual outing, especially if she is on a dive trip. It is sure to get many comments. No need to carry that big purse around. This is perfect for holding keys, cash, cellphone, make-up, credit cards - in other words - the essentials. She'll have fun with this gift. Also available as a cosmetic bag. This product is also fully customizable - you can put whatever photo she would love on it. Make it a truly personal gift!

Get this wristlet here.

Hibiscus Dive Mask Strap Cover

dive mask strap cover

Don't let the women in your life go off with a plastic mask strap. If you have ever used one, you know how it will pull her hair hair. Use this easy to cover wrapper - just put it around the existing mask strap and voila - no more pulled hair. So easy yet so good. I would never use a mask again without a neoprene cover or strap. If you are not feeling the hibiscus for her, there are a variety of designs to choose from. Pick one to suit your women's personality!

Click here to check out the Mask Strap Cover

Scuba Diving PopSockets

dive mask strap cover

Our line of scuba diving PopSockets is here. These are a fun and practical way to show your love of diving. They can make so many things easier - holding phone, watching videos, hands free calling, etc. We have different versions for you to enjoy. We can also customize one if you like. Just get in touch and we would love to work with you.  Think fun scuba gift ideas!

Check out our PopSockets collection here.

Scuba Diving TShirts

dive mask strap cover

Who doesn't like a scuba diving tshirt? I have yet to meet a diver that doesn't. Great for wearing around town or on that dive boat. Show everyone what your passion is. Full disclosure here - this is our dive tshirt collection. We will be adding more so come back and check for updates. I hope you enjoy them. Please let us know - we would love to hear your thoughts.

Check out our TShirt collection here.

Scuba Diving Coffee Mug

scuba diving coffee mug for women

I never dreamed I'd grow up to be a super sexy scuba diver but here I am killing it is the funny "tongue in cheek" saying on this coffee mug. A practical and useful gift yet all the while bringing a smile to her face as she reads the message.

Click here for the scuba diving coffee mug.

Seahorse Purse Mirror (other graphics available)

Seahorse compact mirror

Continuing on the theme of purses and mirrors, here's another one of those scuba gifts that gives her a unique way to show her love of the ocean. This compact purse mirror has picture of a seahorse in a vibrant ocean blue color. A different gift and available with different prints. 

Click here for the seahorse compact mirror.

Scuba Diver Table Runner

Table runner with scuba diver

This is a cute table runner to cheer up the home with memories of scuba diving. This runner is 14x72 and is made with 100% cotton. This is sure to get comments from visitors - scuba divers and landlubbers alike.

Click here for the scuba diving table runner.

Female Diver Phone Case (Customizable)

female scuba diver phone case cover

Bring back those great memories of scuba diving every time she uses her phone. Let her have a relaxing, fun memory while she goes about her busy day. And it's a fun way of letting people know about her passion. This case is a lightweight hard plastic with rubber lined interior. It is available for several  models of iphones, Samsungs, ipads, ipods and razr. This design on this case is also fully customizable, you can use whatever great photo you think she would like. That would make a truly unique scuba gifts.

Click here to check out this phone case

Scuba And Yoga "Namaste" Products

scuba and yoga namaste

Does she like yoga as well as scuba diving? It's all combined in this unique design which I just love. As the creators of this design say "The calmness achieved through a perfect neutral buoyancy, is very similar to that achieved in the practice of Yoga." And I couldn't agree more. It's a fun design showing off her active lifestyle. You can find this design in different colors and on different types of products including tote bags, hats, t-shirts, mouse pads, coffee mugs, key chains, cards and more. One of those scuba gifts for women that show off more than just her love for diving.

Click here for the combined scuba/yoga products

Cressi Travelight BCD For Females

cressi travelight bcd for women

Let's face it. Women are just built differently. While the unisex BCD can work, a BCD made especially for women can be much more comfortable. And if she travels to do her diving (don't we all love to?), this is just icing on the cake. Made especially light weight it has all the bells and whistles she needs for a safe dive yet won't weigh her down. This BC is weight integrated. Lots of great reviews on this BC that she may just want to use it all the time, not just when traveling. Available in a variety of colors too. Not the cheapest of scuba gifts, but one she is sure to appreciate.

Click here to get  more information on this BCD for women.

You can also check out prices here.

Dive Flag Dangling Earrings

dive fin dangling earrings

Here are some beautiful whimsical earring for the female diver in your life. A nice pair of dive flags dangling from here ears will let everyone know where her heart is. These earrings feature chip inlay of simulated red coral and mother of pearl. Ear wires are hypo-allergenic, surgical steel. Perfect to wear on a dive trip!

Check out these earring here.

Dive Diva Lamp (Customizable)

Let her throw some light on the matter with this fun lamp. It has a picture of a female scuba diver with dive diva written on her leg. It is sure to be a conversation piece. You can choose from 3 different types of lampshades: film polyester, rice paper, or linen. This lamp is good for some accent lighting with a max wattage of 60. This is another gift that is fully customizable. Put her favorite photo on the lamp and watch her smile each time she turns it on. Scuba gifts like this are truly different.

Get all the details on this lamp here.

Mermaid Leather Wallet

mermaid leather wallet

I couldn't resist another product from the same artist that did the cross body bag above. This pick is a beautiful hand painted wallet with a mermaid in an underwater scene. This is so unique and sure to get many compliments. Again, a wonderful painting with vibrant colors. Sure to bring her joy every time she opens it up.

Click here for the mermaid wallet.

Mermaid Blanket

mermaid blanket

Continuing on with the mermaid theme, here we have a mermaid tail blanket to keep her warm. What women doesn't want to be a mermaid?? It is one of those whimiscal yet practical scuba gifts. And who wouldn't smile when looking at this?

Click here for the mermaid blanket

Rash Guard

women's rash guard

Now we will go on to one of the more practical scuba gifts for women. This pretty rash guard has UPF 50 protection so it will keep off the sun's harmful rays. This is perfect for the dive boat, surface interval and hanging out when the diving is done. Other patterns are available.

Click here for the Rash Guard

Scuba Diver Wine Caddy

scuba diving wine caddy

This is just a unique and fun gift. Any diver that is a wine lover will surely appreciate this whimsical gift. While she is getting that next glass of wine, this wine caddy is sure to bring a smile to her face. And isn't that what it is all about? Have fun with this one. Some dive stories are sure to flow from this gift :).

Get the info on this scuba wine bottle holder here.

Dive Diva Key Chain (Or Luggage/Wetsuit Zipper Pull)

dive diva key chain women's

Now this is a versatile and useful gift for her. It of course can do its original function of being a fun key chain. And it comes with printing on both sides. I also like the idea of using if for a luggage/wetsuit pull. Make it easy to identify that bag as it comes off the luggage carousel. Or even a nice strong pull for her wetsuit. One of the scuba gifts that are sure to start up some conversations on the dive boat!

Check out the Dive Diva pull here.

Dive Stickers For Her and Her Significant Other - Or Just Her

dive sticker for couples or just her

These decals are subtle but still show off her love for diving - and her love for her diving buddy. Perfect for a couple. But if she is single, the decals come in two pieces so it is easy to just use the female decal. She can stick it on just about any surface - walls, doors, mirrors, plastic, metal, windows, wood, etc.

Check out this decal here.

Real Life Mermaid Decal

So if you didn't like the above decal, how about this one? It is fun and whimsical and shows she loves her sport - and then some. This decal is made of vinyl and would look great on your car, truck or boat. Note that this is machine cut so there is not background for the decal.

Check out this decal here.

Scuba Leggings

scuba leggings

I love these. These are unique and cool looking scuba diving leggings for the female diver in your life. This particular pair has an all over coral theme. The colors are vibrant and fun. Great for diving, everyday wear, working out or traveling to that dive trip. Sure to be a conversation starter too. (There are several ocean themed patterns to choose from.)

Check out these Scuba Leggings here.

Stainless Steel Dive Tank Water Bottle

water bottle dive tank

I admit it, this is kind of a unisex gift but look how cute it is. This present will be sure to get many comments. It's a unique gift and will make her feel right at home :). She can use it in the car, at the office, at the gym and, course, on the plane while traveling to her next dive destination. A very realistic replica of a scuba diving tank. This water bottle is made of stainless steel and 100% BPA free. It's a fun gift and will be perfect for that dive trip!

Click here for the Scuba Tank Water Bottle

Scuba Themed Pacifier

scuba themed pacifier

Ok, it is not technically for her, but what new scuba mom could resist using this for her baby? Sure to put a smile on her face every time she sees it sticking in that mouth. It is made with a orthodontic silicone nipple and comes in two nipple sizes. There are also many different scuba themed designs available so be sure to check them out for the new mom. This product is fully customizable so you can choose whatever photo you would like to put here. It would be a great surprise.

Click here to see all the scuba themed pacifiers.

So there you have it, our list of scuba gifts for women. Ranging from the practical to the whimsical to the fully customizable. Hopefully there was a lot of food for thought for you here and you were able to find a dive present that will truly delight her. She is sure to love whatever you pick out.

May she have lots of joy from the gift and lots of wonderful diving ahead of her. Happy shopping and gift giving!

If you are considering some scuba gear, dive accessories, etc. for a gift, you might want to check out our Picks For Best Scuba Gear here.

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