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Quick Video Tips For Scuba Diving Trips

Welcome to our scuba travel quick video tips. This is just one in a series of quick video tips on different aspects of diving for beginner divers. 

This videos are meant to be short and sweet and easily digested. They are mostly 1-5 minutes in length. That way you have a greater chance of implementing them on your next dive or dive trip.

Today's topic will cover all aspects of dive travel. From tipping tipping the divemaster and/or crew when scuba diving, to saving money and more. Tipping especially can be confusing and cause some anxiety for newer divers. So to help you along, in this video I give you guidelines you can follow on your next dive. 

Now none of this is written in stone obviously, these are suggested guidelines for you to follow if you are need a little guidance.

I hope you are enjoying this video series of quick scuba diving tips. I am adding more frequently so be sure to check back. I would love to have your feedback in the comments below. Any and all is welcome! Also if you have a suggestion of what you would like me to do a video tip on, please leave it below - that would be great! 

So now on to the scuba travel tips video.

Scuba Travel Tips
Tip #2: Save Money & Have A Better Flight

For more actionable tips from me (and a special bonus to help make your dive last longer), just click here to get started. I hope to see you there!

scuba diving travel video tip

Scuba Travel Tips
Tip #1: Tipping Guidelines

Tipping can be a touchy subject and cause some anxiety for divers. I give you my take on tipping the dive crew and my recommended amounts.

For more actionable tips from me (and a special bonus), just click here to get started. I hope to see you there!

Here is my page on tipping that I talked about in the video.

guidelines on tipping when scuba diving

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I hope you have some wonderful dives - and that the dive crew earns their tips!

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