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scuba diving gift ideas under $10

If you need a little something for the scuba diver in your life, I have you covered in this video. Here is my list of gift ideas for scuba divers  - all for under $10! These are useful gifts that your divers will be sure to use on their dives. Inexpensive (or cheap, LOL) does not equal useless!

These are perfect for Christmas, stocking stuffers, birthday and so much more. Possibly even a little something to show your dive buddy some appreciation? (It's always good to have a happy dive buddy!).

Enjoy the video and I hope you find a good gift idea to buy for that scuba diver in your life!

Here are the links to the gifts I talk about in the video:

Reef Creature Guide 

Zipper Lubricant

Mini Tank O-Rings 

Mask Strap Cover

Note Cards 

Mask Defogger


Tank Banger 

Dive Slate 

Baseball Hat 

Luggage Tags 

Wrist Lanyard 

Marking Paint 

First Aid Kit 

Phone Case 


Gift Ideas For Scuba Divers: Transcript

So you need a little gift for the diver in your life? Whether you're looking for a stocking stuffer or a birthday present, or just a little token to show some appreciation to your dive buddy -and you always wanna be on the good side of your dive buddy -I have some gifts for you.

Now my first scuba gift idea is a practical and useful one, and that is this reef creature guide. Because it's always fun to look up what you saw after a dive and record it in your log book. I had one similar to this, I've used it for years, but it started cracking so this is my new one. And this is great for dive travel too because it is small and compact .And it's waterproof and laminated, so it's perfect for the dive boat.

And they managed to fit 112 creatures on here. And even with my pretty bad eyesight, I can read them. So it's a great gift for any diver. And of course, our link to all these gifts in the description below.

Now my next scuba gift idea is this zipper lubricant. I mean, wetsuits are hard enough to zip up without having to worry about sand, salt and corrosion, making them harder to zipper. And this one also comes with a handy brush on top to help get that stuff out of the zipper teeth. And as an added bonus, you can use this on anything such as dive bags, luggage, jackets, and anything else that has zippers. I have used this on my dive bag and my luggage and my wetsuit, and it really has worked well.

Now, up next for a gift for the scuba dive in your life is this mini tank of O-Rings. And many dive has been aborted because of a failed o-ring. But no more. This tank comes with 12 O-rings plus a pick to help get out the failed O-ring. So you can just unscrew it and there's the pick with the O-rings on it.

And it's nice and compact. You just throw it in your dive bag, put it on your key chain, and you're ready to go and ready to save yours and maybe someone else's tie. And with the O-ring, you also get this little extra bonus of a luggage tag. So what's not to like?

My next pick for a scuba diver gift is a padded strap or a strap cover.

Now, if you ever try to put on a dive mask or any kind of mess and used that original plastic strap, you know how uncomfortable that is. And that tangle in the hair. So a padded strap or a mask strap is a definite must. Now I got this one right after my first dive, and actually I see I should probably upgrade this, but I only took the one dive without a mask strap and right into the dive shop I went and got this. And I would never dive again without one.

And for the mask strap cover, you just slide that right over the existing plastic strap on the mask. It's very easy to do and it makes a much more comfortable dive. And it's easy to change them out if you wanna just change it with your mood too.

And my next idea for a scuba diver gift are these beautiful note cards. They're made of nice and sturdy stock, and they come with matching envelope and you get a total of 12 note cards in the box. And they come with this sturdy box, so you could protect them if you're like me or just shove everything in a cabinet. But here's the box that they come in to help protect them.

And who wouldn't love to get a piece of personalized snail mail these days? I know I always love getting a real piece of mail instead of a junk mail, but it's very rare these days. So you can stand out, maybe even say thank you note to your dive buddy.

And I think they're actually pretty enough to be framed too. I could see them like maybe on a bathroom wall, a little hallway. Just bring a little bit of that ocean into the house.

Now my next scuba diving gift idea is this reef friendly master defogger. Now we all want to go out and see the beautiful fish and beautiful reef, but we have to really start protecting it too.

And nothing can ruin a dive faster than a foggy mask. Constantly having to put some water in there to clear it out so you can see what the heck's going on. One way to ruin a dive quickly. And of course you can use it on anything else like ski goggles, sports goggle, or whatever in addition to your dive mask.

So it's a very practical and useful gift and helping save the reefs and the fish that we love to go see at the same time.

And if you're finding value on this video, can I please ask you to like or subscribe because it does help the channel and it helps me keep on making these videos for you.

Now onto our next scuba diving gift idea.

And that is this dive safety whistle. I somehow lost mine on my last dive. I don't know. So I bought this as a replacement. It gets great reviews. And as we know, safety is number one priority for all dives.

And if you ever find yourself surfacing far away from a dive boat, this will get their attention because it is loud from all reports. And you can also use it underwater. Though I don't know if I've ever want to use it underwater. But if you are far from the boat, this is what you wanna have. It's small and compact. Just Clip it on your bc, put it in your pocket, and you're good to go. And of course, it's also good for the land too. So double duty with another gift here.

My next scuba gift idea is a good old tank banger. Now, I know some people don't like them, but I do like to have mine. It's easy to get someone's attention. Usually my husband's attention if I wanna show 'em something, it's easy to put on the tank.

Just put it right there and just bang it, and it makes a loud noise to get someone's attention. And it's better than those rattle things that kind of rattle during the whole dive. And with your tank banger, your dive buddy won't have to miss that amazing site that you just saw.

Now, my next scuba gift idea for under $10 is a dive slate. I absolutely love mine. And if you ever wanna get a point across underwater and your dive buddy doesn't understand. Good old dive slates come in handy.

And I also use it to record what I see underwater so that way I can put it back in my dive log once I record my dives after the dive. So that way it doesn't tax my memory too much trying to remember what the heck I saw. And it's easy to clean too. Just you can just use good old toothpaste. And this particular model you can also get with the Compass or glow in the dark version.

So before I go onto our next gift. I just wanna say if you want even more gift ideas for under $10, cause I can't fit it all in this video here you can find a list of all our gift guides at Again, that is for a list of all our gift guides. Now onto our next scuba gift idea under $10.

Now my next scuba gift idea is this classic baseball hat. And of course this looks great on the water and on land. And yes, it is under $10. Now this hat has the classic dive flag with the diver on it, and it's made of a hundred percent cotton and it's perfect for those dive intervals. Or just wear it around so everyone knows what your passion is.

Now, another scuba gift I recommend are these luggage tags. I think they're just fun and practical cause we all know how much luggage looks alike these days. But if you have these luggage tags on your luggage, dive luggage or just regular luggage, you'll be to spot your luggage on that conveyor belt right away.

And they come in a set of two with leather straps, so they should last a long time. And you can also choose from different patterns.

Now, my next scuba gift idea is this wrist lanyard. There's nothing worse than seeing a scuba diving accessory falling down to that ocean floor. So your diver can use this to make a secure connection to their cameras, lights, or whatever other accessory they are using.

It can then be connected to your wrist or to your bc. It also comes in several colors, bright colors too, so it'll be easier to spot if you do find something falling to the ocean floor.

Now my next scuba gift idea is this marking paint. Obviously it's very easy to get dive gear mixed up on the dive boat or even other divers or snorkelers in your family.

So this is a quick and easy way to mark your equipment so you know which one is yours. And this also comes in many different colors and is non-toxic. But I will say it doesn't adhere very well to fin. You have to use something else for your fins.

So what do you think so far? Do you think you're going to get any of these gifts for the diver in your life? Let me know in the comments below.

Now, my next scuba gift idea is this first aid kit. Small and compact it's perfect for dive travel. They can just throw it in the dive bag and they're good to go. And this kit contains all the basic items needed to treat minor cuts, scratches, headache, sinus block and some other medical problems.

Obviously the gift you hope they never have to use, but if they do, they'll be eternally grateful for receiving this from you.

Now another practical scuba gift idea I have is this waterproof phone case. Cuz as divers, you're always around water, right? And you know what that means? You wanna protect that phone at all costs and it could also serve as a great place to keep those tips for the dive crew, keys, credit cards, and all those little things that are hard to find in the bigger dive bag.

Now, this particular one has clear windows on both sides. And it says it's good for a hundred feet, though I don't think I would ever test that out. But it's also great for snorkeling. You can take pictures through the windows of the phone case. They just make it so easy these days. But an easy way to keep those memories and protect that phone while you're on the dive boat.

Now I have even more gift ideas for you in this price range. Plus you can find a list of all of our gift guides just go to And may the diver in your life love whatever you get them. And what diver wouldn't love to get one of these gifts?

I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you found something that you can get the diver in your life. In the meantime, happy and safe diving. And if you're a diver, get some of these for yourself. You deserve it.

End of transcript for the video "Gift Ideas For Scuba Divers".

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