Scuba Gear: Hollis ATS (Advanced Travel System) BCD Review

by Roee Fung
(Chino Hills, CA )

Hollis ATS BCD

Hollis ATS BCD

Here's an in depth review of the Hollis ATS (Advanced Travel System) BCD (also with some comparisons to the Dive Rite Transpac 2) submitted by Roee Fung:

Considered to be the new kids on the block, Hollis Gear have been in the market recently. Owned by the same guys that founded Oceanic, Hollis shares a lot of common denominators with Oceanic products.

According to Hollis, the ATS was "Designed as the ultimate sport diving BC, the ATS leaves nothing to be desired. Uniquely fitted with technical innovations that allow for just about any accessory to be incorporated, this BC can be customized for any recreational / tech cross-over diver’s needs."

One thing is for sure, the Hollis ATS BCD does have some really good features and in some aspects, it may still need some work on.

The Hollis ATS is the backup I chose for my Dive Rite Transpac 2. While the Dive Rite remains my uncontested favorite, it could stand to learn a thing or 2 from the ATS.

The abundance of D-Ring on the ATS is simply incredible. It has 12 D-Rings for a diver to clip accessory to his/her heart's content. It also features a "crotch" strap that I found more comfortable than the equal offering from Dive Rite, but it is not all good news for Hollis. The lesson stops here.

Now it is the time for the ATS to take the student seat. Even though weight distribution is great on the ATS, I found it a bit overly heavy. It is definitely not a travel BCD.

The weight release system is also awkward to say the least. Even though they are rated for 10 pounds each, (the ATS does not have any non ditchable weight pockets), because of the location and way it functions, I wasn't able to add more than 8 lbs on each side. Even then it was a huge labor to put the weight pocket in its allotted space. In this area, the Transpac not only beats it, it murders the ATS.

Then there is the extra accessory pocket that was included. It's size precludes anything but your average phone calling card or credit card to be put in it. A useful accessory on land, but unless you know a place that takes credit cards or calling cards during your dive, utterly useless.

Given, it is removable, but by simply adding that instead of another accessory, a non-ditchable weight pouch for example, could warrant some revisiting by the brains at Hollis.

All in all, it is a solid BCD that I will enjoy using, when my Transpac is out of commission or enjoying its well deserved time off. Other than that, I think I will stick with my proven Transpac.

The guys at Hollis are on the right track. Their product offerings are well diverse and I hear nothing but good reviews on their products. Keep up the good work guys!

Hi Rooee,

Thanks for the indepth review. I enjoyed reading about this BCD since I am not familiar with it.

If anyone else has used this BCD, I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks again for the great review. Enjoy your diving.


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Best bcd
by: Anonymous

This is a great BCD, and you can find it quite cheap with a quick search around

Hollis ATS User
by: Anonymous

I have been using Hollis ATS for almost three years now. Living in Guam where the water temp is nice and the conditions are great, I have put over 350 dives between three countries and 4-5 different islands. It has been a great diving partner throughout. When i went to Hawaii and the US, and had to use wetsuits and the weight pouches, it worked like a charm. Although, I did clip two extra pounds to the d-rings to adjust my horizontal positioning, but thats part of owning a BC, is figuring out how/when to adjust. Overall, Theres not much I would trade this BC for!

Happy Camper
by: Betsy Graves

Hi gang! I am a newly certified diver in a family of divers. My dad is an avid diver, so is my mom, even my younger brother is a diver, and now, I am proud to say that I have finally joined the ranks and can now enjoy it with my family.
I was tired of being the only person in my family above water in every family vacation. YAY!!!!
Ok, oops sorry, the review. The reason why I stumbled across this review is because my parents are giving me a set of dive equipment for my birthday that is coming in a month. My instructor used this particular BCD and in one of the exercises I got to use it and liked that so I was trying to find reviews from other people that had used this BCD before. There aren't many reviews of this BCD for sure. Glad to have found it and I thank whoever wrote this. Made me feel more confident in buying this.

Great Review
by: Harry

I have been trying to find a review for this BC this past week since it is one of the few BCs I had narrow down to purchase along with a Seaquest Balance and Aeris Atmos. Your review helped me with my decision. THank you very much. Hope you review other items in the future.

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