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Discount wetsuit: Finding gear such as wetsuits at a good price can be hard. You would like a decent price but you also want something that will keep you warm.

There is some good news here - wetsuits at a discount don't necessarily mean cheap quality. There are discontinued items, fire sales, overruns, end of season sales, etc. You can also find some good prices from smaller, less well-known manufacturers.

(If you need information on wetsuits (material, sizes, fit, thickness, etc.) before you make a purchase , take a look at our Scuba Diving Wetsuits Buyers Guide.)

One good place you can try looking for dive wetsuits, as well as all other types of scuba equipment, is online at auction - you may be surprised at the values you can find.

You can find both new and used diving suits. It's up to you. Just be aware that wetsuits can lose their thermal quality over time (see our Buyers Guide for more detail). Not to dissuade you from buying a used suit, just be a bit cautious - even though they may be cheap, they may not do the job. Ask questions and know what you are getting.

With any purchase at auction, be it a wetsuit or other piece of dive equipment, make sure to read the description carefully so you won't be surprised. And be sure to check the sellers' feedback - all sellers have a rating from customers that you can read.

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