Used Scuba Tanks:
Find Cheap Prices but be Informed

Used scuba tanks can save you some money when your are buying your scuba diving gear. We all know how expensive dive equipment can be.

Just be sure you know what you are getting.

All tanks, whether steel or aluminum, have to pass a hydrostatic test and visual inspection before they can be filled.

You can find the date of the last hydro test stamped in the metal on the top of the tank. The date of the last visual inspection can be found on a sticker on the tank. A hydro test is required every 5 years while a visual inspection is required annually.

However, even if the hydro test is in compliance, you may want to have another one performed since the tank has not been in your possession since it was last inspected. The tank could have been in an environment which would cause it to fail a test since the last inspection.

Make sure you include the price of this test when you are making your offer. The same goes for a visual inspection.

Just so you are not surprised, it is not unusual for an aluminum tank to fail its hydro test. While a steel tank usually passes this test, it can often fail a visual test due to rust or corrosion.

So ask questions, look at the pictures and be an informed buyer.

Know what the tests and a new tank costs in your area or online and figure in the cost of shipping on your bid. No sense paying more for a used tank than a new one if you get caught up in the fun of bidding.

With a new steel tank going for upwards of $300 and new aluminum tanks upwards of $150, you may be able to find a much cheaper price for used scuba tanks in the following auctions. Just be an informed buyer.

Good luck!

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