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Tee Shirts For You Or The Diver In Your Life

Scuba diving t shirts are a great way to show your love of diving to the world. Is there a diver out there that doesn't have a dive related tee shirt? I know I have several. They can be addicting.

And to help you with that addiction, we now have our original dive t shirts available on Amazon! We are excited to share them all with you. Buy one for yourself or they make great gifts also :)

We have some more designs in the works so be sure to check back later. Enjoy!

(Note: Most shirts are available in 5 different colors and many sizes. Sizing for most shirts includes mens, womans and youth.)

Dive tshirt

Classic "Dive" Tshirt

Show your love of diving with this classic patterned Tee. It shows a diver descending with fish swimming along. Sure to elicit some comments from your dive buddies. 

Available in 5 colors and many sizes.

scuba diving tee shirt

It's Simple Really -
Live Laugh Love Dive!

Yes, it really is simple after all, isn't it? And this t shirt says it all. Life is too short so let's enjoy it and do what we love. Diving!

Available in 5 colors and many sizes. Both men and women's style shirts available.

funny scuba diving tee shirt

Who Says Money Can't Buy Happiness?
I Pay For My Dives!

While we all love diving, I think we all can probably agree that it isn't a cheap sport! But at least we can laugh about it on this funny dive tee shirt. 
Available in 5 colors and many sizes. both men and women's style shirts available.

scuba diving tee shirt

In Life It Doesn't Matter Where You Dive,
It Matters Who Your Dive Buddy Is

As we all know, a great dive buddy is one of the best things in life. Wear it yourself or give it to that great dive buddy of yours.
Available in 5 colors and many sizes. Men and women's style shirts available also.

Cool scuba diving dad tee shirt for fathers

Cool Scuba Diving Dad Word Art Tshirt

This scuba tee is comprised of fun quotes that make up an outline of a diver.

Word art on the tee includes: COOL SCUBA DIVING DAD, Rocks a Westuit, Dive Time is Happy Time, My kid gave me this, Meet me underwater, Sharks schmark, His happy place, He can breathe underwater, Keep diving, Love the ocean and Certified fun.

Great unique present for Father's Day, his birthday, Christmas or really any holiday. Show your Dad and the world you love him. Available in 5 colors and many sizes.

Bottom time is the best time scuba diving tshirt

Bottom Time is 
the Best Time

Show your love of scuba diving with this humorous distressed dive tee shirt. Bottom time is indeed the best time. Where else would we rather be? Available in 5 colors and many sizes. Also available in non-distressed lettering (you can get that here).

Scuba diving surface interval shirt

This Is My Surface Interval Shirt

Get a laugh from your fellow divers with this surface interval shirt. Take it out to wear between dives or wear it anytime on land - because anytime we aren't underwater is just a surface interval, right?

scuba diving surface interval tshirt

This Is My Surface Interval Shirt

Here's another version of the Surface Interval shirt. This shirt shows a dive boat during a surface interval in the text. Sure to get a smile from your fellow divers. Because as they say, when you are not underwater, everything is a surface interval, right?

scuba diving rescue diver tshirt

Rescue Diver TShirt

This is a great course to have under your belt. You can let your fellow divers know with this Rescue Diver tee. Also makes a great gift for your divermaster, emergency first responders or those undergoing rescue training.Be proud and celebrate your accomplishment!

Funny scuba diving tshirt

Life is Better When You're Laughing and Diving

Isn't that the truth? LOL. It is indeed better show your love for the ocean with this funny and unique scuba diving t-shirt. Available in 5 colors and many sizes.

Scuba diving Want to get tanked tshirt

Want to Get Tanked?

Have fun with this one! A little takeoff on a drinking saying. Get a tank with your friend and have a great time diving. And if you do go for that post dive drink, it'll make everyone smile. This scuba diving t shirt is in the distressed style.

Available in many sizes and 5 colors. Men, woman and youth (for small adults of course) sizes available.

Scuba diving Advanced Open Water Diver tshirt

Advanced Ope
Water Diver

Are you a proud AOW diver? Let the world know with this tshirt that has a gradient in the colors of the dive flag. It would also make a great gift for someone that you know that just passed their advanced open water certification course.

scuba diving hash tag scubaholic tshirt

#Scubaholic Tshirt

Let's call it like it is. We are all scubaholics in that we will go scuba diving any chance we get. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Right? Get laughs when you wear this tee shirt on the dive boat or on that next dive trip.

scuba diving tee shirt

Life Is Better With A Scuba Diving Dad

Let your dad know how much you love him with this scuba diving t shirt. A great gift for Father's Day, his birthday, Christmas, etc. - or just because!
Available in 5 colors and many sizes. Men and women's style shirts available also.

Sea Air Salty Hair I'll Be There

Sea Air, Salty Hair

I'll Be There

Not strictly a scuba diving tshirt but I am taking some liberties here. Most divers love the ocean air and can't wait to get back to it. So if this is your sentiment (which mine certainly is!), here's one for you.

Our Collection of Shark Family Tee Shirts

I had fun with this one. We have a collection of shark shirts for the whole darn family. I am actually a little surprised myself how popular they were right off the bat. A wonderful surprise though!

We have Mama Shark, Papa Shark, Brother Shark, Sister Shark, Son Shark, Daughter Shark, A Chip of Mama Shark (Papa Shark), Grandma Shark, Grandpa Shark and more to come. Perfect for a family reunion or a family photo. 

If you don't see the type of family member shark shirt you want, just get in touch and I would be happy to make one for you!

You can see our collection of family shark shirts here.

Papa shark t shirt of shark family tshirts
Mama shark t shirt of shark family tshirts

coffee and wine tee shirt

I Have The Best Friends - Coffee And Wine Wordart Shirt

Ok, I am cheating here. It is not a scuba diving t shirt but it is fun. Well at least I think so. I had a fun time creating it. Just thought I would throw it in for all the coffee and wine lovers out there. Coffee before the dive and wine after, right ? (Note: The sayings that make up the coffee mug and wine glass word art are listed on the Amazon page.) 

So there you have it! Our collection of scuba diving t shirts (and 1 extra :)). I hope you find something you like. We will be adding more designs regularly so check back and see what shows up. If you have an idea, we would love to hear it. We are always open to suggestions - and criticisms.

Thanks for taking a look. And if you buy one of our shirts - many thanks and I hope you enjoy the tshirt!

 Want to stay down longer and improve your buoyancy control and other diving skills? Our free report "Increase Your Bottom Time" along with our practical, weekly actionable tips will have you looking like a seasoned diver in no time. So come join us and see improvement on your very next dive!
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