San Salvador Bahamas Map

Looking for a San Salvador Bahamas map? My guess is that you are going to do some diving or fishing. Lucky you!

As the maps and my writeup will show, don't expect alot on San Salvador. It's a nice, quiet, relaxing island. map of san salvador bahamas To me it was all about the diving. Of course, I love all Bahamahas scuba diving.

But no matter why you going, here are some maps to help you plan that trip - whether it is a scuba diving vacation or not.

The first map of San Salvador Bahamas is really a map of the Bahamas so you can see where San Salvador is in relation to all the other island in the chain.

Next is a standard map of San Salvador Bahamas so you can see what the island looks like.

The next is the fun one - an interactive satellite San Salvador Bahamas map. You zoom in on what you want to see. I love playing with this San Salvador map. If you mouse over the rectangles, it tells you the name of the location.

So here you go. Have fun!

Maps of San Salvador Bahamas

map of bahamas

This map is courtesy of It's a bit basic but it is an accurate representation of the island.

map of san salvador bahamas

The best San Salvador map I have found is by Peter Lord and you can find his Bahamas maps here.

The next map is the really fun one. You can just click on the arrows to zoom in anywhere. So you can get a good view of where you are going. So click away and have fun. You can even see the hotel in San Salvador where you'll be staying. Of course, there are only two!

So enjoy these San Salvador maps and have fun planning your trip. Have a great vacation!


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