Cheap Flights to Jamaica:

Our Tips for Finding the Best Deal on Airfare

Looking for cheap flights to Jamaica? You're in luck.

Since Jamaica is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean, there are many airlines that fly there. And all that competition makes it easier to find a good deal.

Of course, there is some science and some luck in snagging that good fare. But you can follow a few suggestions to increase your chance of getting a low fare. 

(Note: For information on Jamaica's airports, what airlines fly there direct, transfer time and more, take a look at our page on general information on flights to Jamaica.)

Find a Cheap Flight to Jamaica

If you follow the suggestions below, you will increase your chances of finding that deal that doesn't bust your budget.

We will start off with some suggestions specific to finding cheap airfare to Jamaica:

  • Use Charter Flights
  • Since Jamaica is such a popular island, you can usually find a charter airline that flies to Jamaica. And charter airfare is invariably much cheaper than regularly scheduled airline flights.

    Of course, the drawback to a charter plane is less flexibility and potentially significant delays if there is a problem with the plane as a backup plane or another flight may not be available.

    One of the larger charter companies is USA3000 which is used by the popular Apple Vacations.

  • Book a Package
  • If you book your airfare and hotel together it can save you significant amounts of money over booking a hotel and plane separately. Whether you do this online or with a travel agent, it is certainly worth a look.

Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica 

    Jamaica has a ton of hotels to choose from - from small boutiques to massive all-inclusives. You can find a hotel to suit every budget. Try and book both together to bring your cost down significantly (to see what Jamaica has to offer, take a look at our page on resorts in Jamaica.)

    We almost always book a package so we can save money. About the only time we don't book a flight and hotel together is if we are using our frequent flier miles (THE cheapest way to get cheap flights to Jamaica) or staying in a house, apartment, etc.

    At the very least, price it both ways to see which comes out less expensive. I know where I will put my money.

  • Travel Off Season
  • Prices fall significantly in the off-season for most Caribbean destinations. The high season for Jamaica is from mid-December to mid-April. The highest prices are usually found around the Christmas/New Years period (what a surprise, right?).

    Even in you travel in the shoulder season (those months falling right before and right after high season), you can usually find some cheap flights to Jamaica.

    Personally, I like traveling in the shoulder season since the weather is still usually great and you have less crowds - with the added bonus of cheaper prices. What's not to like?

Plane landing in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Plane coming in for a landing at Sangster in Montego Bay

  • Be Willing To Transfer
  • Many times if you transfer to a major hub city, like New York or Miami, you will be able to find a cheaper airfare than flying direct. There are many flights out of major cities to Jamaica so your chance of finding a cheaper flight increases.

    Although we live in New York, we have flown to Miami to go to the Caribbean many times since that option was cheaper. It can be a pain, but the savings are usually worth it. You make the decision.

  • Get Airfare Alerts 
  • There are several websites that will alert you to when there is a good deal on airfare. It will help if you have your dates in mind but it isn't a requirement.

    I usually use these and find them to be a good resource:



  • Check Our General Cheap Airfare Tips
  • We have more general tips on finding cheap airfare here. Use them in conjunction with the above tips and you should be well on your way to finding an affordable airfare to Jamaica.

We hope the above has helped you find some cheap flights to Jamaica. You can check here for today's cheapest flights to Jamaica. (The link will take you to Tripadvisors latest deals).

Or just input your home airport and MBJ for Montego Bay and KIN for Kingston in the search engine below.

 Whether you are going scuba diving or not, you might want to take at our general information page on Jamaica page. There you will find lots of info on Jamaica - including location, lay of the land, water temperatures and our favorite topside activity. And,  of course, scuba diving.

You might also find our maps of Jamaica helpful in planning your trip.

We hope you have a great (and cheap!) vacation. Please let us know how it went - we would love to hear all about it.

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