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Heading off to do some Cayman Brac scuba diving? Good for you - wish I was going! You should have some good diving.

If you need some basic info on Cayman Brac (such as weather, water temp, etc.), take a look at our main Cayman Brac diving page. If you need some help with the location, you can get an overview with our page of Cayman Islands maps and then zero in with our Cayman Brac maps.

There are about 40 dive sites on Cayman Brac to choose from (not including those at Little Cayman). Here are some of the more popular Cayman Brac dive sites for you to explore.

Cayman Brac Scuba Diving Sites

  • Bloody Bay Wall
  • I had to start with this one - it made our list of top dives ever. Even though it is off of Little Cayman, you can reach it from Cayman Brac also (the islands are 7 miles apart). The boat ride is about 45 minutes or so. This dive is often rated as one of the top dives of the Caribbean and it is easy to see why.

    We did 2 dives on the Bloody Bay Wall. We had great conditions - sunny, no wind and calm seas. The first dive we went to a spot called Donna's Delight. It is a sheer wall and you could look down into the abyss. Saw a lobster hanging out at 94 feet - which was our deepest depth on this dive. Visibility was about 100 feet. cayman brac scuba diving - fish

    Our second dive we did part of the wall first ant then up to the shallow reef portion. Lots of fish on this dive along with thousands of garden eels. Really neat formations too. Our deepest depth was 55 feet and visibility was again in the 100 foot range.

    It was a great day of diving. We are definitely going to go to Little Cayman so we can do more diving on that wall.

  • MV Keith Tibbetts
  • Another popular Cayman Brac scuba diving site. This is a Russian warship from Cuba (according to the divemaster) that was sunk in 1996. The wreck is 330 feet long and sits in about 100 feet of water. It has a radar tower and guns which are in shallower water. The wreck is now broken in thirds due to hurricanes and part of the wreck is laying on its side.

    You can penetrate the wreck in a couple of different spots. This was a really interesting wreck and is one of my favorite wreck dives.

    Take a look at the video below. It is really well done and you will see all of the wreck. Enjoy!

  • East Chute
  • This dive site is located on the north side of the island and is both a wall dive and a wreck dive. This is another wall where you can look down into the abyss.

    The chute cuts through the wall and begins at about 50 feet. After diving on the wall you can go and check out the wreck - the Cayman Mariner which is in about 60 feet of water. This wreck was sunk in 1986.

    We saw rays, groupers and eels, among other things on this dive. Our deepest depth was 80 feet and visibility was about 70 feet. Overall, a good dive and a popular Cayman Brac scuba diving site.

  • Inside Out
  • A nice section of wall on the south side of the island. You'll see sand chutes here and large sponges. You can do this as a shallower dive or a deeper dive.

    The mooring is in a coral head in about 50 feet of water. You can stay around here and dive in about 50-80 feet of water. You can also go to the wall and do a swim-through to a deeper depth.

    We opted to do this as deeper dive and our deepest depth was 96 feet. The seas were pretty rough when we were there and at one point the boat was airborne getting to the site. Not a relaxing ride, I'll say that. Neverthesless, the dive itself was good and worth doing.

We hope you enjoy your Cayman Brac vacation and have some great days of Cayman Brac scuba diving!


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